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doubt a diminution of social waste, but also
there is an indirect impoverishment of free
opinion and free scientific and artistic initiative
as the endless societies, institutions and services
which have enriched life for us and been very
largely supported by voluntary j&ubscriptions,
shrivel. At present a large proportion of our
scientific, artistic, literary and social workers
are educated out of the private savings fund.
In a class-war revolution these economically
very defenceless but socially very convenient
people are subjected to vindictive humiliation—
it is viewed as a great triumph for their meaner
neighbours—but a revolution sanely conducted
will probably devise a system of terminable
annuities and compensation, and of assistance
to once voluntary association^, which will ease
off the social dislocations due to the disappearance
of dne stratum of relatively free and independent
people, before its successors, that is to say the
growing class of retired officials, public adminis-
trators and so forth, find their feet and develop
their own methods of assertion and enterprise.